• My journey with RPM Company, by far has been a great experience. The knowledge and experience that Ive gained the last 2 ½ years has allowed me to grow as an individual in my career and my personal life as well. RPM Company pushes the employees to grow and succeed, providing us the support we need as well as the training. I want to thank RPM Company for giving me the opportunity for being a part of such a great team! - Janelle, Corporate Office

  • "I am very grateful with RPM for letting me be a part of the family. They are very considerate and friendly people. The best part of RPM Company is that we work together as a team" - Alfonso, Renaissance Park

  • "For the 1 1/2 years that I've beein working for RPM company, I feel the difference in my job and I am happy and thankful." - Guillermo, Lakeview

  • "RPM offers great opportunities to learn in this business field. You get to experience hands-on training with actual customers and vendors and learn to deal with real life challenges. You get to meet fantastic people from upper management, HR, accounting, other properties, and office and maintenance staff." - Katrina, Lakeview

  • "For the past two years that I've been with RPM Company, I've learned a lot in the property management field. The managers and staff are not only friendly, but understanding and very helpful. The best part about working for RPM is all the incentives we get that remind us that our hard work is appreciated." - Desiree, Lakeview

  • "Being an employee of RPM Company has been a great privilege from day one. I am honored to say that it is a pleasure to work for this company along with all of its professional staff. RPM Company has given me opportunity to grow and excel professionally. I would like to extend my gratitude and say "Thank you" for all RPM has done for me!" - Elizabeth, Renaissance Park

  • "My experience in working with RPM Company has been wonderful; they certainly put their people first. I like the promote from within philosophy and the growth opportunities for those who seek to reach their highest potential. The company offers support and impressive training courses; the necessary tools for success. RPM Company cares about their employees, it shows in the morale." - Melissa, March West Commons

  • "Working for RPM has presented many opportunities for growth, both professionally and personally. The support that I have received on all levels has been amazing. RPM as a company works hard to ensure that our personal and professional needs are always taken into account as the need arises. I have grown significantly since being employed with RPM. " - Michelle, Woodsong Village

Our Philosophy

RPM Company strives to provide a work environment that is conducive to both personal and professional growth. It is our policy to seek and employ qualified personnel in all of our facilities, to provide equal opportunites for the advancement of employees, and to administer these activities in a manner which will not discrimnate against any person for any reason.

We offer employment opportunities to honest, dedicated and career-minded individuals who are enthusastic and ready to take on a challenge and tackle it with confidence. As the company continues to grow and prosper, we are peristently seeking spiritied, ambitious, and dynamic individuals to join our team and ensure the “RPM Company Way”.