5164 N. Primitivo Way - Fresno, CA 93710
Phone: (559) 291-6400  |  Fax: (559) 291-6440

At Palazzo, you can take advantage of our unmatched resort-style amenities

and enjoy the privacy of your spacious college suite. While you balance your studies and social life, our top-notch staff is committed to taking care of the rest. At Palazzo, we’re always on duty. Our Staff are experienced and skilled in addressing all of your students’ needs. Our manager is supported by leasing, business, and maintenance personnel along with our student staff of community assistants. While many local properties have absentee landlords and substandard maintenance programs, at Palazzo our staff is proactive and responsive to any maintenance concerns your student may have. All work orders are processed within 24 hours while comfort and life safety work orders are given immediate attention.